Super Mario Bros.Edit

Super Mario Bros. is a 1940's videogame for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It come with the System, along with Duck Hunt. It was made by one of the biggest videogame companies in the world, Nintendo.


A Mid-30's Plumber named Mario, and his older brother, Luigi, somehow find an entrance to a fictional world called The Mushroom Kingdom. They are then sent on a quest through The Mushroom Kingdom to find Princess Peach, princess of The Mushroom Kingdom, kidnapped by Bowser, a huge dinosaur-type creature called a Koopa.


Super Mario Bros.








Mario is the main character. He is a Mid-30's Plumber who accidentally found the entrance to The Mushroom Kingdom. He wears a red shirt with white overalls. Mario and his brother Luigi are originally from Italy.


Luigi is Mario's Brother. He is a Late-20's Plumber who stumbled upon The Mushroom Kingdom's entrance with his brother Mario.

He wears a green shirt with white overalls.

Princess PeachEdit

Princess Peach is the princess of The Mushroom Kingdom. She wears a large pink dress. She is very kind to basically everyone (except Bowser, of course).


Bowser is a giant Koopa. All of the enemies in the game are his minions. His arch-enemy is Mario. He has a large green shell, and has horns at the top of his head.

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